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Who am I?

You will never know!
but seriously i'm just your average cartoonist trying to understand how to draw hands.
I like to keep my non-DA life private and to myself but that dose not mean i wont say hi.
If you have any Questions About my Artist life
or tutorials or just questions for my OC's feel free to ask. But beware I am super polite, hate curse words, obsessively paranoid, occasionally a perfectionist, most likely turn in to a full blown schizophrenic if i continue to talk to my OCs, and overall just plain odd.
And i harness all that and use it to create all the crazy things in my gallery.



gift art (D3) by JLindseyB
gift art (D3)
this is for a friend is moving out of state. they are very musical his whole family i am often blown away by there talent. this has him in the center with his 3 siblings.
Stacey(Unstable) by JLindseyB
both Echoterrn and Daxterrn produce an electromagnetic field 100x stronger then a humans
this was their adaptation to survive their planets  (former) extremely weak EM field.
in reaction to the current EMF strength causes them to produce amazing amounts of clean energy.
in Daxterra this energy is used to power there city. in echoterra this energy is weaker so its mainly used as a supplement for there alternative clean energy.

when exposed to high levels of this energy their EMF illuminates such as above

age 14
study :undecided 
citizenship: Echoterra
Ok so I know this is way late but I only just saw the movie. I was completely impressed with the life story of Margaret Keene.

I thought the story was refreshing and well told I could tell ms Keene made sure that her story was correctly told which make me feel even more sorry for her that she had to live with such a crazy man I mean WOW someone needed to go to the nut house.

I really enjoyed how relatable this movie was ,though no one has ever stolen my art before, but, how I understand some of the things she went through. Like her big eyed children my art and characters are apart of my being. Shards of my own personality. Who I am. Who I want to be. Who I was. And though I know there not real, there how I express my self and I understand that if some person stole them or used them for bad how torturous that would be. I also enjoyed how the movie portrayed Jehovah's Witnesses. Most times when I see them on TV were portrayed as crazy fanatics and not the calm loving people we really are.  
And yes I said we. I don't often talk about my religion or religion in general online due to the continuous controversy people have and the he said she said on the matters. I am a proud JW but I choose to keep matters on my religion online privet. There is a time and a place for everything. I'm here to share my art and make people happy with it  
I just figured if Margaret Keene can say that she's a proud JW and an artist so can I. Come what may.


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