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Speedpaints by JLindseyBmoving thank you card by JLindseyB
:iconfire-kitty-wolf: is so cool she made me this :thumb352243251:Vine Follow Me icon (free) by JLindseyB

also look what :iconfaketutour: gave me

Art I'm making for others:

Awesome art I'm getting from others:

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Choice (speedpaint) by JLindseyB on deviantART



Commissions (OPEN)

Learn ASL Stamps by VICOZIAAbby Fan Stamp by VentarixFor a Cleaner Anthro Gallery by savagebinnI support FAIL fox -Stamp- by Katttty920hunting fox stamp by dragonflame95Stamp - Comics by AzraelleWormserOwn Style Stamp by HyperactiveMothManhearing can have Deaf friends by JLindseyB.Stamp. Natural Redhead by Fiona-MariaSTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzPhotoshop Stamp by mushirWacom User Stamp by Dei-bonFun On The Job by azianwolfdoll



Jul 28, 2015
12:24 pm
Jul 24, 2015
10:08 pm
Jul 24, 2015
1:13 pm
Jul 12, 2015
11:13 am
Jul 9, 2015
3:27 pm

Who am I?

You will never know!
but seriously i'm just your average cartoonist trying to understand how to draw hands.
I like to keep my non-DA life private and to myself but that dose not mean i wont say hi.
If you have any Questions About my Artist life
or tutorials or just questions for my OC's feel free to ask. But beware I am super polite, hate curse words, obsessively paranoid, occasionally a perfectionist, most likely turn in to a full blown schizophrenic if i continue to talk to my OCs, and overall just plain odd.
And i harness all that and use it to create all the crazy things in my gallery.



Crap by JLindseyB
 you are my friends and you know i love you but when i'm in this state get the heck away from me.
LindseyFox/girl oc©2015
Unstable Cover Page by JLindseyB
Unstable Cover Page
surprise for you guys!! 3 months early is the cover page for unstable enjoy

cover explanation
first off i cant tell you who she is you find out later in the comic
(and the blue fairyness was unintentional it was just by coincidence)

any way here we see the border of daxterra and ehcoterra in halfway city
the reasons for the extremely large buildings on daxterra is that the daxterns have the technology to build massive superstructures that are mostly hollow on the inside. this allows them to use more space without waiting any land.

echotern (being less developed technology wise) has only just started toying with superstructuresas you can see their citys are significantly smaller but this was partially intentional as there city's live and move with the land vs cutting into it as you can see is the opposite on daxterra.
ok thats all you get for now.

Unstable/Girl in bluedress©2015JLindseyB 
Sketch Commissions Open by JLindseyB
Sketch Commissions Open
single character full body: $20 each additional character +$10
half body $15 EAC +$8
head shot $10 EAC +$5
no pionts
please note if interested 

(no complex line-art or full color available at this time) 
Realy by JLindseyB 
single character full body: $20 each additional character +$10
half body $15 EAC +$8
head shot $10 EAC +$5
no pionts
please note if interested

(no complex line-art or full color available at this time)  
Heads or tails personality quiz by JLindseyB
Heads or tails personality quiz
tell me who you got!…
For some reason da is not letting it work so just copy/past the link in your address bar
If your using iOS hold link and open in new page

characters/headortails ©2015JLindseyB
Sorry fixed link
Realy by JLindseyB 
single character full body: $20 each additional character +$10
half body $15 EAC +$8
head shot $10 EAC +$5
no pionts
please note if interested

(no complex line-art or full color available at this time)  


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BrianTheFox Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
hello, i really need to ask you...i know that you said you have no idea when you are going to open but thats not why i am here...i would appreciate if you could at least provide me(and others or somehow submit....)with your pricing sheet because i have no idea if i am able to afford it or not if i should save money or would be really nice to know. Thank you
JLindseyB Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015
Oh hey sorry for the late reply.
If and when I do open I'll only be doing sketches like this Realy by JLindseyB

They will start at $20 plus $10 each additional character.

The only full color thing I'll be doing is head shots/icons like this I Don't Feel Forgotten by JLindseyB for $10

With my work schedule and trying to start work on the first pages of unstable I won't have time for any big projects.
BrianTheFox Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
its k cx
ow :C what a pity oh well alright...would those be even full body or just half body? :o

and ok understand owo
JLindseyB Featured By Owner 6 days ago
that would be full body
half body is $15 with $8 each extra character

hehe sorry for the higher prices 
bills to pay and fish to feed
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WarriorCats18 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I love your art
JLindseyB Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014
Wow thanks so much!
catazarch Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Professional General Artist
thank you for the visit ^_^
JLindseyB Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
JLindseyB Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
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